Meet Blogger Not Basic Blonde

You may be one of the halves a million people that follows the blogger Not Basic Blonde on Instagram. Wanting to get to know more about Russian beauty. I went behind the scenes to ask her a few questions:

What is something about you that the many people who follow you don’t know?

I definitely have an extraordinary personality, with a sense of humor. My friends always come to me for advice, they always tell me that I give them the best advice. I’m very nice and kind, sometimes too nice!

I’ve got my first job when I was 13.

I love to help people! I’m not afraid to express my honest opinion, even though someone might not like it.

What does a typical week look like for you?

I usually have my schedule, it goes from doing photoshoots, answering emails, recording a podcast, creating content, sometimes I travel.

When & why did you start your podcast?

I’ve started my podcast in September 2019, I’ve had so many requests from my followers, and so many people were telling me that I have a very pleasant voice, they would like to learn more about me.

After getting this feedback, I’ve decided to start it.

What is the most interesting podcast episode you have done so far?

I try to create every episode interesting, I have celebrity guests, and each one has a very interesting story to tell!

What is your favorite media platform? Your blog, Instagram or Podcast?

I love all of them, and I invest my time in all of them! I try to share and educate my audience on different topics.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I don’t plan that far because, I’m my industry everything changes every day, and I make sure I educate myself as much as possible, to improve everything I do.

If you aren’t already following Not Basic Blonde you can follow her on Instagram @Notbasicblonde_

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