Measure Plastics Moisture

The presence of plastic moisture affects the quality and shelf life of different products. Even if the plastic content is present in a minimal quantity of different pharmaceutical products, it has an impact on the reliability of the product. The smallest amount of humidity proves to be a big blow. Hence, it is beneficial to measure the plastics moisture in different products.

The best companies use the best quality plastic moisture analyzers to determine the level of moisture present in their products. Not only these analyzers provide them accurate and precise measurements, but they also offer them quick results. They can have optimal quality control of their products.

Why do you need to measure plastic moisture?  

High-end companies are aware of the fact that if there is an incorrect proportion of plastic present in their products, they are going to lower the standard of their product. Top class companies never want to compromise on the quality of the products. They ensure that the products they produce are made from the best quality materials before they reach their customers. These companies make sure that they have optimal resin storage. They use the method of injection molding to ensure that the plastic moisture is sufficient enough. It is not too low and not too high. Just the right amount of moisture keeps the product in shape.

Classic Application areas of plastic moisture analyzers

Moisture meters are used in industries that have high-temperature environments. These analyzers are popularly used in pharmaceutical, dairy, food, chemical and construction companies.

  • Gas turbines use these analyzers to measure the content of the gas to optimize the energy
  • Food processing companies use them to control the moisture in the oven
  • Metal processing companies make their process smooth and consistent with the surface treatment

These meters are suitable for companies that have a high-capacity production plant. If they produce different products on a large scale, this meter helps them detect the presence of plastic in their products.

Standard Governing Testing for Measuring Plastics Moisture

There are standard governing testing criteria that are determined by ASTM ( American Society for Testing and Material). They encourage companies to use the thermogravimetric method which is also called the LOD method. In simple words, this method helps you determine the accurate weight of plastic present while drying. To achieve the best results the plastic moisture analyzer is set to the ASTM standards to meet the desired results. The combination of the balance and the heater detects the level of humidity. The LOD method is an easy 4-step process.

  • The parameters are entered on the keypad of the moisture analyzer. Make sure that these are the drying process parameters.
  • The second step involves the placing of the sample on the drying chamber
  • The analysis begins as soon as the drying chamber is closed
  • The device calculates the content of moisture present in the product. It compares the initial and drying weight of the sample placed.

This process requires watchfulness and mindfulness. You should be cautious about using the plastic moisture analyzer correctly to get the best results.

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