Marketing Expert Andrea Vetano Recognized as a Voice of Authority in the Travel Industry

Work and passion have been termed as equal to water and paraffin by most people, but Andrea Vetrano differs from this popular opinion. There could be no other person that defines the marketing career as well as Andrea Vetrano. He has redefined digital marketing with an emphasis on traveling while advertising for luxury brands and creating great content. Andrea Vetrano is not only his name but he is a brand, a marketing expert that has partnered with a number of the world’s best hotels.

Andrea, the world’s best Marketing Expert, holds a degree in Computer Science. This young gentleman is a lover of personal growth and development. He is enthusiastic especially in matters concerning health, more so has a burning love for fitness, watches his diet, and works out regularly. Combined with his great listening, communication, and problem-solving skills, he possesses the right attributes for the best Marketing Expert. As a great Marketing Expert, he got mentioned in a Forbes article, for encouraging people to travel to places such as Italy that were once a challenge for American travelers.

In 2014, he posted his first photos and videos on Instagram. A great digital marketer understands that it is important that you love learning and embracing adjusting to the current digital marketing trends. For this reason, he got inspired and opted to take more pictures and videos professionally in 2017. He posted more pictures and videos that got so many important pages reposting his shots. By 2018, he got contacted by a hotel marketing manager and from then he has since been partnering with great brands, such as Four Seasons, Aman hotels among other great hotels. His content is what would be termed as ‘on fire’ because he leaves a thirst for one to want to visit the hotels he has been to.

AndreaVetrano has given digital marketing in the travel industry a whole new perspective. Work done with a burning love for it will have hotels flocking, if only they adjust to the new digital marketing trend.

Years from now, many people will be looking at marketing expert to get aided on what hotels to visit. Old marketing trends will be faced out and hotels will have no option other than to work with Marketing Expert.