Mango To Litchi: 5 Cool Summer Fruits in India and Their Health Benefits


Vitamins A and C, which are abundant in mangos, are well-known for strengthening immunity and enhancing skin health. Additionally, it has a lot of dietary fibre, which improves digestion.


The enzyme bromelain, which is found in pineapples, is known to aid in inflammation and digestion. It is also a great source of vitamin C, which strengthens immunity and aids in the defence against diseases and infections.

Litchi (Lychee)

Vitamin C, which aids in the fight against diseases and viruses, is also abundant in litchi. Antioxidants included in it help to lessen free radicals. Additionally, potassium is present in it, which helps to control blood pressure.


A fruit that is high in water content, muskmelon also has important minerals and vitamins like potassium, B6, C, and A.


Watermelon aids in weight management because of its high water and fibre content. Additionally, it is a great source of vitamins A, B6, and C, which help the body’s immunological system.