Malaika Arora confronts her manager and expresses frustration before driving

With her new show Moving In With Malaika, which offers viewers a peek into the diva’s life, Malaika Arora earlier this week got on the reality TV bandwagon. The “Chaiyya Chaiyya” girl voiced her dread of driving in the most recent episode, which was shown, following a near-fatal accident in which she suffered serious injuries. The diva then admitted that she had developed a fear of driving but that she had just been compelled to confront it.

She mentioned wanting to get over her fear of driving in a recent episode of Moving In with Malaika. She agreed to make an advertisement commercial in which she would have to operate a vehicle, moving closer to her goal, but she struggled to persuade herself of this. She had to drive through a glass shield in the television commercial while also breaking it. The second portion of the glass-breaking stunt was told to her afterwards, despite the fact that she only grudgingly got in the car and began to drive. The diva was incensed by this and even yelled at her boss for approving the prank.

Malaika kept getting nervous about performing the stunt despite her manager’s repeated assurances that all safety measures would be taken, and she eventually called her sister, the late actress Amruta Arora. Amrita comforted her by saying, “We understand what you’ve been through. However, I believe it was definitely a sign from above that you were placed in this scenario, where you are likely currently facing your darkest fear. You have the opportunity to take the situation by the lemons and move on right now. You must overcome the fear that has been placed in you as a result of what happened and continue to act as the risk-taking Malaika that you are.

Malaika decided to carry out the stunt after hearing her sister’s advise, and she was successful. In the process, she overcame the phobia as well, further demonstrating in the presentation that she feels entirely empowered to do so.