Mabelle Prior the multiple award winning Swiss-Ghanaian Broadcast journalist reveals why many people don’t express themselves

Mabelle Prior the multiple award-winning Switzerland and Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist, founder of Swiss Most Beautiful and author of Beyond Race talks of why many people don’t express themselves.

The Queen of the Air Waves Mabelle Prior, says:
‘Many times, most people try not to express what they are, what is really going on in their life, because they fear rejection, loss and or ostracism.
Overlook societal judgment and speak your truth.

Any aspect of yourself that you do not want people to know about or are ashamed to talk about in public, is what you are!

But the truth is if you continue to function only as who you are & neglect what you are, Life will never truly make sense for you.

You will never ever discover let alone embody your Life’s purpose.

Life is a great thing.

A shocking thing.

If you don’t see the irony that is Life, you will never understand how it works.

And if you don’t understand how life works, you will always be at the bottom of the value chain. ‘

Mabelle Prior is married to Denis Prior.
She is the mother of Delsea Ephraïm and Lina Prior an award-winning Hollywood kid actress.


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