Lost’s Dominic Monaghan joins AMC’s sci-fi thriller series ‘Moonhaven’

Dominic Monaghan, most popular for portraying Merry the hobbit in “The Lord of the Rings” and Charlie Pace on the ABC otherworldly drama “Lost,” has endorsed on to star in AMC’s sci-fi thriller series “Moonhaven,” written and executive produced by AMC dramedy “Cabin 49’s” showrunner Peter Ocko.

Per the logline, “Moonhaven” is focused around an utopian colony on the Moon that may hold the keys to preserving life on Earth, which has gotten progressively dangerous. The series follows Bella Sway, a lunar cargo pilot and smuggler 100 years later who ends up blamed for a wrongdoing and marooned on Moonhaven—set on a 500-square-mile Garden of Eden based on the Moon to discover answers for the issues that will before long end development on Mother Earth. A skeptic in Paradise, Bella is sucked into a conspiracy to oversee the artificial intelligence liable for Moonhaven’s miracles occurrences and groups with a neighborhood criminal investigator to stop the powers that need to obliterate Earth’s last expectation before they are annihilated themselves.Monaghan will show up as lunar detective Paul Sarno, who is entrusted with taking care of Earth’s issues. Alongside his “LOTR” and “Lost” credits, Monaghan played Chris Bradley in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” Beaumont Kin in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” and facilitated “Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan” for BBC America and Channel 5 from 2012 to 2016.

Ocko will likewise fill in as the series showrunner. Deb Spera will executive produce also. AMC Studios will deliver the series, with Ocko as of now under a general arrangement there. “Lodge 49,” which was dropped after just two seasons, holds a 93% pundits gathering score on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, just as a 88% audience approval score.

“Moonhaven” is expected to debut sometime next year.

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