Looking for Men’s style? Follow Fashion blogger – Monish Chandan

Looking for Men’s style? Follow Fashion blogger – Monish Chandan

Monish Chandan is getting popular for creating his unique style statement in the Men’s Fashion World. The fashion influencer and blogger has been making a lot of news for his exceptional fashion style. Due to his ability to pick the right combination of clothes as per the requirement of different occasions, Monish Chandan has been able to gain popularity as a fashion influencer in a limited time-span.

Chandan never thought to become a fashion influencer and style icon in his youth. The Mumbai-based fashion stylist is an MBA graduate from Chetana’s Institute of Management & Research. He is currently working as a financial analyst in an MNC. Because of his creativity and interesting approach towards life, he loves to share his thoughts on his life experiences on his official blogging website.

He posts on different social media platforms on a frequent basis and enjoys high popularity on various media platforms. His Instagram page has over 60K followers, which is no small feat for an emerging fashion blogger and influencer. On his blog, Monish Chandan shares content related to fashion, food, technology, home decoration, health, and fitness to provide valuable knowledge to his audience.

Recently, his Ethnic wear look on the occasion of Eid created waves in the fashion world. His ethnic looks received a positive response on Instagram and people really appreciated his creativity. Monish Chandan has become an inspiration for young adults who want to follow their dreams to achieve something big in their lives.

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