“Living in Asia I forgot how to use a fork & had chickens as flatmates”, Says Servanity

Many people can experience culture shock when they move halfway around the world. 

Growing up in a Western world and then moving to a country where everything is different, from the language and food to day to day living can seem daunting for some but artist Servanity made the decision to move almost instantly.

“I was always interested in Asia so I said it’s now or never. I began applying to jobs, had an interview later that week and was on a flight to Hong Kong a week later”.

She goes on to say: “everything was completely different but I settled in quickly and began apartment hunting. Initially, the estate agent showed me some awful places including a car garage and an apartment where the flatmates were real life chickens!”

There is much to be learnt from living in Asia as a local and not just a tourist. Even though time goes fast, 18 months is a long amount of time to live in another country.

“When I first got back to London it felt surreal. I was so used to using chopsticks I forgot how to use a fork. I had an amazing time out there and can’t wait to visit again”.