Lindsay Lohan Looks Very Confused

It’s beensecond night in a row when Lindsay Lohan has been seen being roasted when she was found not recognizing yet another local Australian celebrity on the show The Masked Singer Australia.

She has been mocked on Twitter for not recognizing Gretel Killeen on Monday’s episode. She had the same performance on Tuesday where again she failed an international Austrlian cricket legend.

The 33 years old star had no idea who is Bret Lee when he took off his Parrot Mask. Fans said that she was pretending to know who it is. Lindsay’s clueless reaction to yet another celebrity was taken as that she does not know what was going on.

With other three judges Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, Dannii Minogue, Dave Hughes expressing their shock seeing Bret Lee, Lindsay was nothing but confused once again. Fans actually picked up at the moment and shared hilarious memes about her lack of local celebrity knowledge.

One of the fans shared a GIF of Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc); a character from Friends feigning extreme shock along with a caption saying; “Lindsay pretends to know who it was on the show.

Another meme consisted of a woman who is holding a picture of an iPhone and saying, ‘I am gonna look that up’.  

There was a third post where younger Lindsay in the movie Mean Girls was shown looking confused with a text, “Oh My God, Its Brett Lee”. Meanwhile the star……

The legendry cricketer Brett Lee unmasked after Australian Big Brother’s host Gretel Killeen in an octopus mask on theMonday’s premiere. Her reveal was overshadowed by the bizarre reaction of Lindsay which was an ultimate mixture of surprise and confusion. Fans of the show are now convinced that she has no idea about the Australian celebrities however they praised her acting as she tried her best to hide her confused reactions from the camera.

One of the sow viewers tweeted that Lindsay should be given Emmy for her performance for pretending that she knows the Australian celebrities. One of the other fans wrote that Lindsay has given the best acting performance since The Parent Trap. During the first couple of episodes, random suggestions from Lindsay left fans at the home completely baffled.

Twitter was bombarded with the apparent bewilderment of Lindsay during the premiere of the season sharing hilarious memes and comments. One of the fans tweeted that ‘Lindsay is trying to figure out who Gretel Killeen is’. Another one tweeted ‘Lindsay is indeed completelt familiar with the work of Gretel Killeen.’

People have been outraged commenting why on earth she has been there as a judge. There could have been someone better that her who at least knows the local Australian celebrities. It has been felt that people are actually confused that why Lindsay is a part of the judge’s panel in Australia as she is completely clueless about the national celebrities. It becomes obvious that she has no idea about who is the person behind the masks. Lindsay Lohan Looks Very Confused and her expressions could no help media but roast her again.