Lil Mabu clocks in over half a million streams with his new hit single “Slide”

For everybody, the coronavirus pandemic presents many challenges. Lil Mabu, a likeable fifteen year old rap artist from New York, is making the best of it.

With over half a million streams on SoundCloud since the start of 2020, Mabu’s growth has been pretty swift for a teenager just knocking out tracks in his bedroom, during his spare time. Already making bank from his streaming revenue, his casual adventure into music has, so far, proved lucrative. His song “Slide” featuring R3ady, is a summery, hook-laden trap bop. Having amassed over 500k streams since it’s launch, one can only assume he’s pretty popular at school.

LX Xander of Ghostcraft Music (a Billboard-charting production team) had this to say about Lil Mabu:

“Mabu has HUGE potential. The fact he’s already knocking out stuff like ‘Slide’ at his age and running up numbers on social media speaks volumes about him as a creative and frankly, as an entrepreneur. Definitely one to watch.”

His colleagues at Ghostcraft, Big Papa Harvey & King Wizard, both agree. With support from industry big hitters such as LX & his team and upcoming collaborations with established artists such as Skinnyfromthe9, Lil Mabu is one of the most promising young artists out of New York.

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