Life history of a successful Influencer Rachid El Khabbachi

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon; some people have to work really hard to achieve success and to chase their dreams, and they make their fate. In the journey of life, struggles came, and they make you strengthen and boost your passion for your success same was the case with the famous businessman Rachid EI Khabbachi aka Jamal; he belongs to a very average family they don’t have even the basics of life. He worked hard so that he might be able to upgrade his living as well as his family.

Life struggles:

Throughout his life, he had been through poverty hunger; he lived in Mauritania, where people use to beg for food according to him; he once said that he also used to beg; these were the reasons that urged him to work hard and to prove his self he started his life journey towards business as a street fighter and very soon he became the highest-paid fighter, later on, he moved towards the real estates to start his own business his father was not a rich person, so he started his business on his own he uses to buy and sell products like different ornaments like gold and diamond and then from the profit he buys new shares and extends his business as now today he is one of the most successful businessmen almost 250K+ devotee worked under him which is enormous. And today one of the top celebrities are his friends like Karim Bellarabi, French Montana, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo; all of them are his friends, and they also invited him to Miami and Dubai. He also invites his celebrities friends to France and Germany; they are all excellent friends on social media as well.

Self-made entrepreneur:

Rachid is a self-made entrepreneur, and he actively participates in many charity works so that he can help those poor and needy people in his society; he makes sure that people will not suffer that pain of empty stomachs through which he had been through in acknowledgment of all the struggles the president also invited him to meet. Rachid is a true inspiration for the upcoming struggling youngsters that nothing is impossible if you are genuinely determined towards your success. Netflix also thought to make a documentary on his life so that It can inspire other people