Let’s know up close Sem Graham, the social media influencer

The success for every individual has different type of struggles in the Path.  Some people want to become the successful individual without much effort but this is not the reality you can have.  Whenever we look at the social media influencer we think that they have just became successful and popular without much effort but in reality you will be finding that they had more struggles than you can imagine. 

 Here we are going to find more about the social media influencer named Sem graham who has struggle in her life so much that you can’t imagine. The path for her success was filled with Thorns.

In her childhood she was filled with many of the struggle that you will think that the story of her childhood is fake.  for example, she was living like a homeless person and even with her parents she was living like an orphan. At the age of seven she got into the accident along with her mother and younger sister and because of that accident her mother got crippled for life.  Because of the depression and misery her father has given her mother the alcohol.  Because of the alcoholism her mother got into more depression and her father who was bad enough left their family all together. 

She had the plan to become the social media influencer and in reality a model in America but because of the struggles with her birth state of Florida she moved to Utah. Little she knew that in Utah she will be facing more struggles because there are not many Agencies who are hiring the new models there. 

During the covid pandemic she found that more people are on internet and this could be the way by which she can interact with people but online. Social media became the source of popularity for her because on Instagram she was active from 2016 but she was not getting any followers.  During the coronavirus pandemic she got the video viraled and within no time she got 25000 followers on Instagram.  She found this opportunity to be very good for her and from that day till now she is using the Instagram for her popularity and by the time she became the influencer of the products and similar things in order to earn the money.  In her childhood she was living like a homeless person and even in Utah she was living in a car but today she has the house of her own with all the money in the pocket and happiness on the face.

Today she is not planning anything about the future and she is hoping against hope that when the coronavirus pandemic will be subsided then she can move around America and enjoy the time in the summer.  She is in love with the dogs and also the travelling in America.  She thinks that if she will know more about America then she can find more locations in order to take the pictures in new places by which new visitors can come on Instagram account of her. 

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