Lecha Khouri’s Supercar Advocates Releases An Exciting Fresh Episode: Find Out More

One of the most popular car shows in the world, Supercar Advocates has come up with a new episode that features the all new supercar Nissan GT-R T-spec. Only a total of 100 models of the car have been produced out of which 25 have been sent to Australia. Supercar Advocates has long been known as a car show that brings together newness, adventure and thrill for the large international audience that it has managed to gain over the past few years. Now with the latest episode of the Nissan GT-R T-spec, the show has really lived up to the expectations of thoudands of fans and followers.

Lecha Khouri is the founder and host of Supercar Advocates and is a car enthusiast who is loved by people across numerous car communities in the world. In Supercar Advocates, Lecha and his team tour the world to drive the finest supercars and hypercars and aim to share those experiences with the audience. Popularly known as Lee by his fans, Lecha Khouri has revolutionized the car collecting scene of Australia.

Supercar Advocate’s new episode featuring the Nissan GT-R T-spec has already received a lot of great reviews from the audiences. The high-performance sports car is VIN 0051 of the R35 GT-R final production run. It is painted in a very rare mirky greeny and silver colour called the Millenium Jade. Also, what adds to the excitement is that Lecha’s brand new car is the last ever customer delivered Nissan GT-R T-spec in Australia.

Through his show Supercar Advocates, Lecha Khouri’s Nissan GT-R T-spec has also widely appealed to JDM and Fast and Furious fans across the world.

With the newest acquisition of the Nissan GT-R T-spec, Lecha Khouri has done great justice to his passion for collecting quality cars, supercars and hypercars.

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