Learn How Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon, Amir Hashemloo Became The Successful Individual He Is Today.

Amir Hashemloo is a revolutionary celebrity cosmetic surgeon and entrepreneur who has helped dozens of individuals achieve confidence and newfound self-love through cosmetic surgery.

In this article, we will learn more about Amir and how he has become the individual he is today.

Subtle Beginnings

Amir was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. While in high school, he picked up an interest in the field of medicine. Amir was quite lucky due to the fact that his family members supported him and let him pursue a career in this field.

After high school, Amir decided to study medicine at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical sciences. Astonishingly, Amir attained an exceptional rank of 32 in the university entrance exam.

In college, Amir excelled in his courses. As time went on, the world of sculpting piqued his interest. Amir decided to dive deep into this field and thought of ways to combine his new interest with his love for medicine. Eventually, he discovered that he could combine them in a field in medicine, Cosmetic surgery.

Overcoming Challenges

Obstacles are something we face almost every day as human beings. It might come in the form of financial issues or something as little as what choice of food to eat for breakfast. However, what really matters is how we handle these obstacles. Do we give up or do we come out wiser?

Amir shares that the most daunting obstacle he encounters as a cosmetic surgeon is to ascertain where the desired change on a patient’s face can be done and how to make the change completely natural and indistinguishable. Each time, he experiences this, he seeks out new ways and creates new methods to bring utmost satisfaction to his clients.

As one of the foremost professionals in his industry, Amir has worked with dozens of celebrities and A list individual who all agree that his service is unlike any other. Here is his advice to aspiring cosmetic doctors.

“Be honest and patient with your patients, know the difference between a chief complaint and an admitting diagnosis. When it comes to selecting a patient, don’t be afraid to turn down candidates who are not suitable for cosmetic procedures.”

Achieving Success

Amir has achieved quite a lot in his career and has worked with numerous celebrities. some of which we will list below:

  •  Bijan Mortazavi and his wife Setare Saeedi,
  •  Anahita Dargahi,
  • Ashkan Khatibi, 
  • Nargess Abyar, 
  • Roya Mirelmi, 

Khatere Asadi, and also football superstars like Hossein Mahini, Milad Mohammadi, and Mehdi Sharifi. Amir shares that his biggest achievement is the fact that he created his method of correcting the eye and eyebrow frame.