Latest news for the fans of Call of Duty

There has been a lot of news about the upcoming version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare re-launch all around the last month. It is because the next game in the first person shooter franchise has been released on consoles as well as PC at the end of October.

Xbox One T- WWE 2K20, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released on October 25, 2019 and a lot is already in air about the upcoming shooter. It will need a chunk of HDD space and is offered with a substantial 50GB update on day one. If you are one of the people who usually purchase the game’s physical version, the first update of the game will begin with insertion of the disc. However if you have already ordered the digital version of the game, you will be in a position to download the day one update completely. As mentioned earlier that it will require around 50GB therefore you will have to sit back patiently and wait for the updates to get completed before the game is launched on the PC or a console.

The popularity of the game can be sensed with the fact that the hype created by the release of the Call of Duty that most of the people failed to log on to the game the morning it was released. It is because the servers were not working followed by a huge number of people trying to access the game.

Xbox users also complained that they came across hard crashes on their consoles however Infinity Wars have been quick in the attempts to come up with a proper solution for the situation. Not only did they made sure that the lines were working but also tweeted that the professional and technical team is working hard to remove the bugs.

Whatever has gone wrong, it cannot be denied that Modern Warfare still enjoys admiration for its gameplay and graphics. It is hailed as one of the groundbreaking return to the original game with the same name back in 2007.

Since it has been announced that game’s specs as well as the survival mode will be made accessible to the PS 4 for during the first year of the game release, people without consoles are disappointed. There have also been rumors that the attachments and the weapons would get unlocked via random supply drops. However it has recently been announced that there are no such supply drops in the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The same has been mentioned on the official blog of Activision that all the items in the game will be unlocked only when the game will be played. It is indeed great news.

Furthermore, it has also been stated that nothing like this will be added to the Modern Warfare but time will prove if this will happen or not. For this we will have to wait and watch. Near future will tell us as it has happened once earlier where the officials first claimed something like this but offered the supply boxes afterwards. 

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