Kyler Murray has a weekly homework assignment from the Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals apparently cut off any agreement show they could have had with quarterback Kyler Murray last week by marking the double cross Pro Bowl determination to another arrangement, one in which he will become one of the NFL’s most generously compensated players. Bits of hearsay about discontent among quarterback and front office had been rising all through the offseason, especially after Murray’s representative put out an announcement to columnists in February that said “activities talk a lot stronger than words in this unpredictable business” and that it was “basically dependent upon the Cardinals to choose if they focus on” Murray as their establishment quarterback.

In any case, a proviso in Murray’s new agreement is creating a ruckus since it commands that the quarterback total no less than four hours of “independent study” every week during the season, planning that goes past film meetings with his partners at the group office.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport got his hands on Murray’s agreement and posted the proviso on Twitter.

“‘Independent Study’ signifies Player concentrates on the material gave to him by the Club to plan for the Club’s next impending game, including without impediments any such material gave by means of an iPad or other electronic gadget,” the condition peruses. “Time spent in compulsory gatherings will not comprise Independent Study.”

The condition proceeds to say that Murray won’t get any credit assuming he “isn’t expressly contemplating or watching the material while it is being shown or played” or on the other hand in the event that he “is taken part in whatever other action that might occupy his consideration (for instance, sitting in front of the TV, playing computer games or browsing the internet) while such material is being shown or played.”

How the group will follow Murray’s week by week schoolwork isn’t definite, yet that’s what it says assuming Murray misses the mark regarding his week by week objectives, he will be viewed as in default and the $230.5 million arrangement will be void.

While contract conditions that preclude players from participating in hazardous way of behaving — playing other physical games, riding perilous vehicles, and so forth — are normal, previous Green Bay Packers front-office leader Andrew Brandt said he has never seen a schoolwork expectation in a NFL contract previously.

The Cardinals might have been prodded to remember the proviso for Murray’s agreement after he minimized the significance of watching film in remarks he made to the New York Times in December.

“I assume I was honored with the mental abilities to simply go out there and see it before it works out,” Murray said. “I’m not one of those folks that will stay there and commit suicide watching film. I don’t put there for 24 hours and separate this group and that group and watch each game in light of the fact that, in my mind, I see to such an extent.”

On the other hand, the Cardinals essentially could think — particularly taking into account the powerful compensation they’re paying him — that observing more film will make Murray a superior quarterback, especially later in the season. The Cardinals have gone 15-8-1 in their initial eight rounds of the time over Murray’s three years as their beginning quarterback yet have gone 7-15 in the final part of those seasons in games Murray began. (He missed three final part games last season with a lower leg injury.)

The New York Times story likewise handed-off a tale about how Murray returned home to play a Call of Duty computer game after his particular second as a NFL quarterback, his 43-yard “Hail Murray” score pass to DeAndre Hopkins in November 2020 that gave Arizona a 32-30 win over the Buffalo Bills. New passages in the Call of Duty series are delivered in late October or early November, and Murray’s NFL numbers have followed a comparative example after each new rendition has been released.

In games played before the yearly Call of Duty release date over his career, Murray has arrived at the midpoint of 22.5 fantasy points. In games played after the yearly Call of Duty release date, Murray has found the middle value of 17.4 dream focuses — a decay of 22.7 percent.