Kronatix The Music Producer

21-year-old producer, engineer, beatmaker kronatix. I make music, make my own designs. I used to be a graphic designer for youtube sniping teams. I have been around music my entire life, especially rap and hip hop music. I’ve been influenced by Dubstep, Trap, and Rap music. I come from a family of musicians, I guess it runs in my blood. I started making beats during my first year of college on the DAW Reaper. After a while of perfecting my craft in this unused DAW, and spending time going to other studios using Abelton Live and watching tutorials on FL studio, I switched to FL studio and started making beats on there. It started off as a hobby but eventually fell in love with the process of making music. It’s enjoyable when getting it started, and very satisfying when you get the final product. After a lot of trial and error, mixing and tweaking the beat, then getting to listen to the beat, in the end, is much fun. I go to college for Management Information systems, which is half business and computer science. Another reason why I make beats is that it’s so similar to coding, you must understand the language and implement it in the given software, and when you’re done you get the final program, but in this case, it would be the song.

I haven’t had any major placements yet, I have done collabs with other producers which have helped inspire me to continue through my journey of making music. As I mentioned when I began making music, I was a freshman in college, and it wasn’t good when I first started. I had a lot of people hating on me, telling me that my beats are trash, that I should just quit, and give up. I wanted to prove them wrong, its what I love to do. I even had close friends and they would make fun of me because they didn’t understand why I was still making music and haven’t gotten any results, no collabs, placements. But as I continued to find myself, my style I got better. After every project, I tried something new, with a similar style. Hard 808s, drums, hits, get some percussions in there, and go crazy with the Hi-hats, and master the melody and harmony so that everything would go together, while not sounding like its too much. After doing this for a year I uploaded my beats on SoundCloud, and came across several opportunities to collaborate with other producers for contests, paid collaborations, and free collaborations. Find Kronatix Instagram below

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