Kody White has Charged His Own Unique Path to Success

From seeing tons of people making money on YouTube to making money himself by monetizing his YouTube channels, Kody White’s journey is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. In this article, White shares his tricks, tactics, and secrets behind his flourishing money-making YouTube business. 

From Taco Bell to YouTube Bell Icon!

White used to work at Taco Bell when he was 16 and realized that the 9-5 life wasn’t cut out for him. So he invested all the money he had saved to get an Elgato Capture Card. He used this card to get into gaming videos as he was shrewd enough to notice the immense potential of the gaming business on YouTube. In 2015, he focused all his efforts on developing his cash cow YouTube channels, which finally paid off in 2016 with his first channel. But, it was only two years later that two of his YouTube channels changed his life. White had stumbled upon the idea of Faceless YouTube Monetization. That’s the secret that shot White’s YouTube channels to an all-time high. He became famous as viewers kept coming back, boosting the viewership of his channels. Eventually, he created 20 flourishing YouTube channels, which set his cash registers ringing!

In 2019, White decided to launch a channel that would help aspiring and rising entrepreneurs transform their careers. He started to share his experiences and secrets in an unsullied manner (which is rare as most would choose to hide the secrets of their success for obvious reasons), which helped many people figure out how to monetize their YouTube channels. His YouTube channel – YTMoney continues to guide people to build their own profitable YouTube channels and eventually turn them into a lucrative business opportunity.

From zero to multimillionaire

YTMoney saw a surge in profits over a brief period. Kody White scaled his YouTube business to USD 100,000 per month this year. He also helped one of his many clients to make upwards of USD 60,000 a month. Ask him about the kind of figure he is looking to cross, and he says, “I am hopeful of clocking USD 1 million a month.”

White encourages entrepreneurs to follow their intuition even if it goes against standard opinions. He shares, “I could have done what everyone was doing, but instead of taking the traditional route, I chose to hire people to make videos for me to allow myself to scale the business fast.”