Khloe Kardashian Reportedly Appreciates Wendy Williams Called Tristan

Khloe Kardashion is a popular American model, TV personality, social influencer and a businesswoman. Since 2007 she is doing a TV show Keeping up with Kardashians with her family. This is a reality TV show which gave her prominence. Her sisters Kourtney and Kim also star in the show. All the three sisters have also release a book Kardashian Konfidential in 2010

Khloe Kardashian is not impressed with the recent drama of Tristan. He did not like him flirting with heron Instagram. Khloe Kardashion appreciated Wendy Williams for taking her side and bringing this topic up in her show. The TV host banged Tristan from making flirty comments on Instagram. On her show she mentioned Tristan and Khloe Kardashian and told Tristan to leave Khloe alone. Khloe Kardashian has certainly moved on. Her tough days with Tristan are over. She is better off and quite happy without him

Tristan cheated on Khloe and screwed up everything with her sister’s BFF. However, he always shows Khloe that he regrets his infidelity attempt. He is always making an attempt to show her he wants her back. His recent comments on the pictures of Khloe’s Instagram page are his latest way of winning her back. He makes a heart-eye emoji and used the world “perfection”.

Khloe does not care about what Tristan says or does. She might get a little satisfaction that he regrets being together.   These flirtation comments mean nothing to her anymore. She does not have any feelings for the guy anymore. She takes these comments as a crappy attempt from her ex which does not affect her at all.

A Hollywood insider revealed that it is good to see him trying however his efforts are in vain. After what Khloe has done for him he cheated on her and disrespected her. There is no way Khloe is going to get back with him. Now all what matters to her is the health and safety of her daughter. Khloe wants her daughter to see her as a strong woman who does not need any validation of self-worth from a man.  Khloe only wants Tristan to co-parent their daughter in the best possible way. She has no intention of going back to him at any cost. She doesn’t want the father figure missing in the life of her daughter. She wants her to look up to her daddy and grow up in a happy environment.

Not many people are aware about the traumatic brain injury Khloe Kardashian suffered from. She had a long-term memry loss in 2001. Kardashian is an inspiring social media infleuncer, despite her severe brain injuries she managed to cope well with what life threw at her. Kardashaim married Lamar Odom after only dating him for a month in 2009. The marriage did not last long and the couple parted their ways in 2013. They got officially divorced in 2016. Khloe Kardashian married Triston Thompson in 2016. They separated in 2019. Their relationship was a roller-coaster ride. It started too quickly and it faded quickly as well.

Another source says that Triston is only being flirty, he does not want to get back with Khloe.

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