Kenes Rakishev considers that the state is obliged to support the vulnerable population

Kenes Rakishev considers that the state is obliged to support the vulnerable population

When you are a big entrepreneur and a successful investor earning money is not the only important goal. If there is energy for business development, then it is possible to develop other areas of activity. These theses are confirmed by the activities of entrepreneur, innovator and philanthropist Kenes Rakishev. The range of interests of Kenes Rakishev is quite wide. He invests in IT, mobile communications and various venture projects in other industries.

Kenes Rakishev: Socially unprotected population should be supported at the state level

The participation of leading businessmen in the implementation of state initiatives is quite understandable, because they often have considerable experience in managing HR, negotiating and solving a number of important organizational issues. Kenes Rakishev has been the Head of the Council for the Development of Youth Entrepreneurship since 2014. Through this organization, in particular, investments are attracted for the development of Kazakhstani startups. Such activities play an important role in developing of a positive international reputation of Kazakhstan, because startups often get an international attention.

Also, the solution of social issues of the population of Kazakhstan occurs through the development of other areas of activity. An important place in the support of the population is occupied by the sports sphere. Kenes Rakishev’s holding finances football and boxing competitions. The entrepreneur himself was the president of the Kazakhstan Judo Federation. Now Kenes Rakishev heads the Boxing Federation of Kazakhstan.

Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova initiatives

Below we list some major social projects of Kenes Rakishev within the framework of the activities of the oldest charitable foundation in Kazakhstan. In 2002, entrepreneur Kenes Rakishev and his wife Aselle Tasmagambetova founded one of the first charitable organizations in Kazakhstan, the Saby Charitable Foundation. At first, the fund’s activities were aimed at helping the residents of orphanages in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Over time, the foundation began to add other social areas to its work portfolio.

To date, the Saby Foundation is the largest charitable organization in Kazakhstan, which implements social projects in the educational sphere, supports people with disabilities, develops the medical sphere of the Republic of Kazakhstan and much more.

Among the major projects of the Rakishev and Tasmagambetova Foundation, we can highlight:

  • Invataxi program within the framework of the project “For disabled people-a decent life”. This initiative was introduced to facilitate the movement of disabled people around the city. The program involves 62 specially equipped cars. The project operates in 20 cities of Kazakhstan.
  • Construction and technical arrangement of emergency paediatric surgery centres. One centre was built in Semey and Almaty. The same centre is being built in Aktau. These medical institutions are provided with modern medical equipment and inventory.
  • Project “Build your business” – young entrepreneurs need to shoot a two-minute video about their business idea. The best projects receive financial support to start.
  • Gymnasium for 1200 seats in the village of Akzhar.
  • The Judo Academy in Almaty is an international-class sports centre. There are training sessions of the national team, as well as classes for children on a free basis.

The implementation of social projects by business representatives plays an important role in the development of civil society in Kazakhstan. It should be noted that a healthy, educated and intellectually developed nation can easily build a successful and developed economy in Central Asian country.

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