Karan Oberoi – 7 dazzling pictures of this handsome male model

Karan Oberoi – 7 dazzling pictures of this handsome male model

In the world of fashion and fitness modelling, who does not know  Karan Oberoi? It is a famous name in the industry since he is one of the most popular models from India who has massive fan following across all social media platforms. Karan has been face of ‘A’ listed brands covering all platforms be that Ramp, print media, electronic media or digital ads. He is one of the legendary male models from India when it comes to fitness modelling, moreover the pioneer in fitness modelling world known for his massive contribution.

Recently in October 2020 model Karan Oberoi name was also listed under 400 most influential celebrities from Asia by New York Press News Agency. One of the popular style and fitness icons from India who has managed to dazzle Indian youth, be that girls or boys.

His pictures on Instagram are often liked by many girls. Since the year 2021 has started he has shared many pictures on Instagram, in this we have shared top 7 pictures of this handsome male model that are loved by many.

In 2018, Karan became the first male ever male model  to be nominated for “Youth Icon Model of the Year” which we won because of his massive fan following. He also holdsmany other titlessuch as “Top fitness model” and hottest model by Filmfare. He’s also been ranked as one of the most influential, sexiest, best dressed, and top-earning models from India for too many years and by too many publications. He also holds two postgraduate degrees one is MBA, and other is in journalism and mass media.

Karan Oberoi model has shot with leading fashion photographers. His pictures are not just limited to fashion but often seen posing with football and with bikes. His post on social media often educates his followers how to attain body like him. His post on Instagram tend to educate people to eat right and working out right majorly focusing on running and playing sports.

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