Kaia Ra Reflects on Her Journey to Becoming a Best-selling Author

Kaia Ra Reflects on Her Journey to Becoming a Best-selling Author

For centuries now, the power of spirituality, meditation, and the world of healing has been the driving force for many. But when it comes to seeking answers, Kaia Ra’s book ‘The Sophia Code’ has them all. The book is often referred to as a ‘Divine Feminine Bible of our times’ and has helped millions across the globe find self-love, healing, and empowerment.

The first volume of the book series acquired the status of international bestseller only four days after it’s release in June 2016. The first translation of the book in French, ‘Le Code Sophia’ wasreleased earlier this year. It has risen to become one of the fastest bestsellers in three categories on online platforms like Amazon and Audible.“The Sophia Code is a guide in the journey to spiritual awakening,” says author Kaia Ra.

The book imparts knowledge outside the bounds of any religion, as Kaia Ra draws from her journey of childhood trauma and near-death experiences. It covers topics from daily empowerment tools, self-love teachings, yoga lifestyle, and guided meditations. The author understands The Sophia Code to be a spiritual cosmos for the readers, one in which they immerse themselves completely.In the book, she also talks about a healthy plant-centric lifestyle, prayer, and somatic practices as a part of earthly spirituality.

The Sophia Codebook comes as an extension of Kaia Ra’s Mystery School, where she offers multiple curriculum courses as well. Here, students talk about the book and their journey with Kaia Ra herself. According to the author, there is immense power in spiritual tools such as chakras, mantras, positive affirmations, crystals, and the subconscious spirit. Kaia Ra came about the knowledge of the Divine Female consciousness through her many years of training with the High Council of the Ascended Masters. According to Kaia, “This is about my journey with spiritual leaders like Mother Mary.”

The Divine Feminine teacher, Kaia Ra holds live sessions andconducts psychic training to spread the teachings of The Sophia Code. She also offers certificate courses, private mentor sessions as well as spiritual jewelry as part of her sovereignty collection. “The book is like my love letter to humanity,” concludes Kaia Ra.

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