Jake T. Davidson on The Importance Of Brand Personality

We had the chance to talk with Jake T. Davidson, a social media specialist. At the age of 17, the rising senior has reached millions of fans through his unique content style. Namely, through his large page @SaucyCrossup, the teenager believes that the key to media stardom comes from the personality of your page.

When we asked Jake about his key to Instagram growth, he cited “brand personality”. Jake notes “ a lot of these large pages provide content that is unfortunately nonunique. Having a personality/theme to your content is the difference between an account and a brand.”

According to Jake, the best way to take your account to the next level is through a themed personality. “Whether it be responding to comments, interactive story polls, or producing original content, theming your account is the easiest way to turn it into a brand.” Davidson is a strong believer in social media branding efforts, stating “the most successful pages are the ones with a loyal fanbase. Most large pages provide interesting content, but they lack a solid content personality. It’s so simple to interact with your followers, and doing so can make all the difference.”

Jake frequently implements interactive elements into his content. His videos generally include captions that ask questions. He notes “adding an element of discussion into my videos really helps with my engagement. Being able to view and interact with comments also helps me establish my personality. It’s important for people to understand that my page is run by humans, not robots. The biggest mistake an account can make is allowing their content to be limited by bland captions and non-interactive prompts.”

His media knowledge has given Jake a platform to share his voice. Whether it be managing pages for clients, growing his personal brand, or building a multitude of niche accounts, Jake is an avid user of social media platforms. He frequently networks with other creators, in hopes of improving his content style. As his pages continue to grow, Jake T. Davidson is slowly becoming a prominent public figure.

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