Jack Dean has excelled in his career as a custom jewellery creator at 28.

Jack Dean has excelled in his career as a custom jewellery creator at 28.

Being a football enthusiast he has incorporated the sports theme in his jewellery designs.

Jack has been an avid football fan and player since the age of ten and when he established his venture, he made sure that the glimpses of his favourite sport were showcased in his work. Jack has come across as a successful custom jewellery creator whose designs are popular not only in Europe but also across continents. Entrepreneurs like Jack have proved that dedication and hard work can work wonders for your career and no amount of setbacks can hold you from achieving your dreams.

He says, “One can find success in their respective fields if he is dedicated and focussed, having no experience doesn’t matter as long as you are passionate about your work.”  Talented minds like Jack have always come across as a raging success in spite of the various challenges they have experienced in their life’s journey. Here is a fine example of a young talent who at the age of twenty eight has established a career which is touching newer heights with each passing day. His venture ‘Jeweller Jack Ltd’ has emerged as one of the best custom jewellery design companies in the UK, whose reach has expanded to far off countries within a short period of its establishment.

 “One needs to be focussed towards their goals, despite the distractions that come along the way. If one shows dedication and gives his all, success can be conquered without any doubts,” says Jack. His designs have swept the football enthusiasts off their feet for its amazing collection which is based on the sport. Many known athletes are his regular customers as his unique and rare collection is hard to find anywhere in the market. He has slogged off to reach this position as initially for a year he was shuttling between various jewellers in the North of UK to learn about the business. After a year when he was confident enough, he founded his company which has become one of the top most in the jewellery business today.

To know more about Jack’s work, follow him on Instagram@jackdean_

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