J.Maurice Releases New Music Video for his hit song “FACETIME”

J’Maurice’s recently released hit songs new music video has been released. The single is entitled “Facetime”. I know what you are thinking about the tracks title and let me confirm that you are right. The song’s lyrics are based on the dating app Facetime.

You can now listen and watch the video of this song of your favorite Hip Hop singer J’Maurice on YouTube.

The single pays tribute to the dating culture of the past year. The lyrics cleverly describe the situation many find themselves in throughout the world under quarantine, where the drive to find love is still high, but they’re unable to meet up due to the pandemic. The pandemic affected every aspect of our lives including dating. So the couples used a lot of different dating apps and the most commonly used of them is Facetime. These dating platforms proved to be helpful.

“Facetime me girl” says J’Maurice in the song to his girlfriend because they are unable to meet up because of the pandemic. The steady beat and hip-hop overtones will inspire a need to get up and dance when you hear it, and many who have been through the situation can relate the lyrics with themselves on a personal level.

His music is a source of motivation and inspiration for the listeners. With this single, he has tried to help people get their minds off from daily life problems and have a moment of joy away from their daily live hurdles.

J’Maurice’s single “Facetime” is also available on Shazam. The tracks’ lyrics are very catchy. He wants to inspire the youngsters with his music and is trying to create a road map for them that they can follow in the future. He had been through a lot of adversities and struggles throughout his life so he understands what it is like to be in such a situation and that is why he wants to help out.

If you are bored of life in a pandemic and want to chill out a bit then you must give it a try to this track. He is a newbie in the industry but has achieved a lot in a short time. His first album “Get Ready” was also released this year.