17 year old starts his marketing agency

A seventeen years old Pakistani YouTuber Abdullah Mehmood revealed that he was running serval businesses which he kept confidential. Mehmood announced that he was running a press release agency focused to enhance the presence of entities and brand on internet, which he named as REX MEDIA. REX MEDIA was founded by Abdullah Mehmood and currently the chief executive officer is Ameer Moavia. Ameer Moavia is Head of DARK DEPENDENT HACKERS.

Ameer Moavia is known to be a Space Science Researcher and Computer Scientist. Young Pakistani Space Science Researcher and Cybersecurity Expert(Hacker). He is the Youngest Pakistani to be Space science researcher and cyber security expert. Ameer Moavia’s Age is 20.

REX MEDIA also offer serval marketing services thus this is might be the reason for the success of Mehmood’s business. We are living in a digital world, and no traditional marketing works in our time. Today we need more advanced and popular way to grow online and offline. This is only possible if you have a great team of Digital Marketing experts and PRO Digital Marketer. Because of the high use of the Internet and especially search engines like Google and social media platform Companies and individual looks for the right digital presence as millions of people are watching them.

With the right digital presence, businesses and individual stars need proper digital marketing which can touch the right audiences. Starting a business is not a difficult job in modern ages when you have endless facilities available through the digital gadgets but still looking for ideas and working on them practically is still a challenging task. Abdullah Mehmood remains inspiration for millions of mind planning to start their businesses

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