Introduction and review of pop style by DJ ALEX AliDAD, musician, famous Iranian DJ

Pop style, also known as pop music, is in fact one of the most popular and popular music in the second half of the twentieth century, which was inspired by the style of blues and other music from the Anglo-Saxon countries and over time in It spread all over the world. In addition, to be able to get more acquainted with the style of music, enter the desired section.

More information on pop music

As we mentioned above, pop style is one of the most popular and popular and at the same time the most popular style of music in the world, and in fact, the word pop in this style of music comes from the word Popular in the popular sense. Friendly, taken.

Pop music originates from the American country and blues styles, and in the 1930s, this style became more popular than other styles of music, and it was such that many singers considered pop music as one of the styles. They chose the original in their music.

Pop style

Depending on what kind of song, rhythm and singing style the singer pursues, he can use different musical instruments for his work. But in general, in this style of music, instruments such as piano, drums, violin, keyboard, guitar, etc. are widely used, and all these pop instruments can easily play any song, from sad to happy, with spirits. People are compatible, play.

The songs that are played in this style are in a way that is constantly on the lips of the people and they always whisper it, and this is a sign of their interest in this style of music, and that is why pop music is still Is considered as one of the most lucrative music styles in the world and is also very popular with radio stations.