International Clown Week 2020: History and How to celebrate this day?

International Clown Week is celebrated every year during the main week in August.

Individuals from the Clowns of America International gathering celebrate the whole week facilitating extraordinary exercises and occasions. Volunteers perform shows and jokesters have exhibitions. Some comedian individuals have their neighborhood chairman pronounce the week as a city festivity to correspond with the International Clown Week.

Clown Week started some time in the 1950’s. Walt “Wabo” Savage is accepted to be the man behind the first Clown Week. He apparently picked August since it harmonized with the birthday events of the two his little girls. In 1966, Ray Bickford, President of Clown Club of America, named Frank “Kelly the Clown” Kelly, as the principal International Clown Week director. Bill “Boom Boom” Bailey, an individual from Clowns of America, was the principal American administrator of National Clown Week.

Clown Culture

Turning into a comedian is not kidding business. Not simply anybody can joke around consistently. The preparation is nothing to kid about on the grounds that comedians pay attention to their employments enough to have a code of morals known as The Eight Clown Commandments. They likewise have an official petition. Joking around isn’t permitted during exhibitions. Except if you’re being amusing, at that point playing around is a prerequisite.

Jokesters come in numerous structures. On Weary Willie Day, commend the jokester who put the miserable homeless person on the map. They make their own characters and storylines. Like VIPs do, numerous jokesters will build up an after. For instance, Bozo the Clown from youngsters’ TV with his famous red hair and Soupy Sales, likewise known for his kids’ TV persona. There’s likewise Willard Scott who initially depicted another redheaded comedian with goliath shoes – the cheeseburger selling Ronald McDonald.

Lamentably, not all individuals think comedians are enjoyable. Numerous individuals have a dread of jokesters known as Coulrophobia. Famous people, for example, Daniel Radcliffe and Johnny Depp are among those VIPs who experience the ill effects of coulrophobia.

History of International Clown Week

President Nixon announced the principal official National Clown Week in 1970. The declaration starts with “[W]hoever has heard the laughter of a child or seen sudden delight on the face of a lonely old man has understood in those brief moments mysteries deeper than love.” President Nixon thought whatever could carry grins and satisfaction to individuals, particularly kids ought to get uncommon acknowledgment.

Despite the fact that the declaration pronounced the principal week in August of 1970 as National Clown Week, the custom kept on praising the comedian and fooling every year.

How to Celebrate International Clown Week


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ICHOF is a little non-benefit run by previous Ringling comedian Greg DeSanto. Greg has worked admirably throughout the years, supporting and respecting a portion of the top comedians and carnival entertainers on the planet. COVID has hit them hard, and right now they are totally shut.

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