Inspired By The Fear Of Being Average: Samuel Onuha reveals his Success Secrets and Motivation

Samuel Onuha is one individual that has made a name for himself in the fashion industry, an amazing and remarkable feat, considering his young age. The Dutch businessman is seemingly reaping the fruits of his hard work after putting his focus into building brands. The formal education did not appeal to him and he found no connection with real life, at least what he was studying in school and college days. That made him try some other idea on the web. He shifted his focus from his formal education towards a venture on the web.

It was the book No Excuses by Brain Tracy, which turned the table and motivated him to embark with something which can give him a good standing in society. The fear of being average inspired him a lot to do something extraordinary. He focussed on running the business in a big way. A lot of people doubted him starting this journey, but he just looked at it as motivation. After Samuel’s first success his mother believed in him so much that she allowed him to drop out of school. Although she loved to see him finish study, she understood his dreams and gave him the freedom to achieve big things in his life.

In the marketing world today, branding is king, and there’s no better way for an audience to know about a brand than advertising. Businesses and corporations pour millions of dollars into good advertising because it plays a massively important part in a brand’s success. It’s a means of expression for a company, allowing its audience to connect with its products or services at a deeper level. More than anything else, the internet has created thousands of online entrepreneurs and millionaires across the globe, many of whom have successfully worked remotely without leaving the comfort of their homes. One of such is the Dutch businessman Samuel Onuha.

Samuel’s growth over the years has been phenomenal and the world can only expect more from the innovative Dutch businessman.

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