Influencing Beyong Fashion – Social Media Star AbrahamDailyDosis

Influencing Beyong Fashion – Social Media Star AbrahamDailyDosis

The Instagram & Youtube star from Vienna specializes on fashion photography. But Abraham Adegeye knows that he can use his platform for causes beyond his branche.

Serving his huge following, Abraham has risen to the challenge of providing his readers with lots of fashion related content over the years. He shares photos and videos that cover a diverse range of styles, a bit of a ‘something for everyone’ approach, perhaps. What he does is certainly working, not
only because of the amount of followers he has but also in respect of the big name fashion brands he has found himself working with!

At Abraham has already worked with major brands such as Coca-Cola, Pacsun, Vans, Converse, Fossil, H&M and Umbro, and he is only just 24! You may well have seen one of his campaigns as they have aired on TV and some have featured extensive press coverage, both on a local and mainstream scale. But there are causes that go beyond the regular advertising and use of his platform. Perhaps you were one of the many who saw his campaign where he worked with Sprite, which aimed to highlight cyberbullying and explore the topic of diversity.

He may not have ended up with the modelling career he has, had he not decided to start his little hobby as a school kid. This hobby involved uploading photos of his latest outfit choice and sharing online. As he got better with his photography and modelling skills his content received increased amounts of attention and the campaign offers began to roll in.

Despite the success in the fashion industry, Abraham makes it clear that he wants to always continue uploading content to his social media platforms and blog. He would like to increase his video output on his YouTube channel, and is keen to make some more magazine appearances along the way. In addition to this, he likes the idea of working with more higher end fashion brands and working further in TV, perhaps as part of a commercial campaign, but whatever it is he stresses it must be a high quality production. He has found time to brainstorm ideas for a future business and also study marketing at university, something that he says is his Plan B option!

Abraham is an ambitious and driven individual who has been able to leave his mark in a competitive industry by staying true to himself, being unique with the content he creates and shares and allowing his fans to see a little more into his life each time. It is a winning combination that will help keep him at the forefront of fashion influencers!

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