In what ways do attorneys offer flat fee services?

Do you think divorce is the only way out of your messy relationship? What about your child, and who gets their custody? These are matters for which you should consult a family lawyer.

Contacting a lawyer helps you deal with the legal process efficiently and with minimal stress. However, before hiring an attorney, you should ensure they offer assisted and limited scope representation.

Choosing an attorney with a limited scope of representation helps you receive the necessary help for your case. You should also enquire if they take a limited caseload since that will ensure you receive individual attention from them directly and get the answers to your questions within a single day.

Although some lawyers charge you an hourly rate, you will find some that work on a flat-fee basis. It refers to a monetary arrangement in which you pay a certain fee in advance, and the lawyer performs the task for that fee.

How does this system work, and what are the flat fee services available? Here are all the essential details you must know.

How do flat fees arrangement work?

Once you select a service offered by a lawyer under this arrangement, they will ask you to sign a Limited Scope Fee Agreement. Your lawyer will represent you for a single task, regardless of duration. However, once they complete the job, their representation on your behalf will end.

It is vital to understand this process beforehand to avoid misunderstanding and inconvenience.

Types of services offered.

Lawyers who charge fixed fees provide the following services.

Drafting initial divorce paperwork

The lawyer will prepare a draft of your initial divorce paperwork, making it ready to be filed and served (at the court). It includes a petition for dissolution of marriage, proposed property distribution, summons, temporary economic restraining order, and a proposed parenting plan.

Responding to initial divorce paperwork

If your partner’s lawyer has served you divorce paperwork, your attorney will help you prepare an appropriate response. The draft paperwork usually includes an answer to a petition for the dissolution of marriage, proposed property distribution, and a proposed parenting plan (if children are involved).

Writing simple and complex motions.

You should choose this service if you need to draft a single motion. It includes filing a motion, preparing a brief in support, and proposing an order (a document that defines the things you want the judge to decide the case).

For complex motions, your attorney will prepare a brief affidavit and proposed order and carry out the legal research as required. If your situation does not warrant a complex motion, the attorney might ask you to select a different flat fee service or may refund your money.

Unlimited email support

Selecting this email service qualifies you to ask the lawyer as many questions as you want regarding your paperwork, get legal advice, and take the following steps in your present case.

According to your requirements, you can choose these services for 30 days or 60 days. The charges for 60 days would be higher than those for 30 days.

How to contact a family lawyer?

You should select a lawyer who provides you the option of contacting them through a phone call at approximately 75 USD an hour since that’s a reasonable amount. You can also resolve your quick questions through emails, text messages, and visiting their websites and social media. Contacting a lawyer who offers the flat fee services described above has several advantages. They can carry out several tasks, including preparing briefs and affidavits, filing motions, and conducting the necessary legal research. It is also cost-effective since you pay money exclusively for specific legal services.