In the freezing weather of Germany, fans dance to Jhoome Jo Pathaan, and SRK responds

Videos of individuals dancing to the song Jhoome Jo Pathaan have been widely circulated. Now Shah Rukh Khan is interested in this popular dancing video from Germany.

The popular movie Pathaan, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, has garnered fans. The highest-grossing Hindi film of all time is now Pathaan, surpassing Aamir Khan’s Dangal in the box office. In total, 729 crore rupees have been collected. People are enjoying the upbeat music, giving this spy film positive ratings, mentioning their favourite moments, and much more. A video of German fans dancing to Jhoome Jo Pathan has since become very popular online. Even Shah Rukh Khan was intrigued by the video.

Two days ago, this video was posted online. More than 600 people have liked it since it was posted on the social media site, and the figure keeps rising. The film has elicited many responses, including King Khan himself. Oh yes, Germany, thank you for dancing in the chilly weather, he added.

Someone published, “Incredible coordination! Good job, gentlemen.” Another individual stated, “Despite my fever, cough, and cold, seeing this movie brightened my day. Guys, I’ll be in touch soon. Big hugs to everyone.” Incredible, echoed a third.