In the Brisbane suburb of Stretton, a woman and man were found dead, and the man was taken into custody by police

Police have established a crime location after a man and a lady were tracked down dead at a home in the Brisbane suburb of Stretton this morning.

A 49-year-elderly person was arrested after officers answered calls to the home on Coolidge Street after 9:30am and found the two people deceased.

Detective superintendent Andrew Massingham said the scene was confronting, and depicted it as a “frenzied attack” on a lady in her 40s and a man in his early 20s.

“At roughly 9:40am today certain data was gotten by triple-zero, that an episode had happened at [Coolidge Court, Stretton],” he said.

“Various police units went to a two-story brick home where they were met at the entryway by a 49-year-old male person.

“That male person opened the front entryway and apparently was experiencing a few wounds to his arms and legs.

“Police then climbed the internal staircase, and saw a lot of blood on the staircase.

“Quickly upon appearance on the second level of the premises they’ve distinguished the area of two bodies.

“The scene was defying, [and] has been portrayed as an frenzied attack on the two deceased people.”

Police recovered two “bladed weapons” that they accept were utilized in the assault.

Police affirmed the person who rang triple-zero was the 49-year-old male and the utilization of a Cantonese translator was expected at the scene.

Police couldn’t hold a discussion with the male and delivered emergency treatment to him, before he was arrested and to clinic for clinical treatment.

The casualties have not yet been officially recognized and the connections of the three people are yet to be completely settled, however police accept they are “connected”.

Police are looking for information from neighbors and have asked anyone with information to come forward.

John, who didn’t wish to give his last name, is a neighbor of the property and said the inhabitants of the house were “quiet people”.

“They minded their own business, assuming they were going up the road you’d simply wave, say howdy and that was about it,” he said.

He said police doorknocked the road, yet he hadn’t seen or heard anything until he saw the police cars.