In National Dentist Day, We Revisit Top Habits to Maintain Flawless Oral Health Via Top-most Dentist: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

In National Dentist Day, We Revisit Top Habits to Maintain Flawless Oral Health Via Top-most Dentist: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

National dentist’s day coincides with 6th March of every year, it is founded to establish dental health awareness among the public, and highlight the noble role of dental professionals involved in keeping our dental health on point. It is certainly a day to express gratitude and appreciation for their constant efforts to keep our teeth healthy. In this day the importance of maintaining dental health is emphasized. And what better way to emphasize the importance of dental health than resharing tips from one of the most popular and most successful dental experts in the field! Yes from Dr. Ali AlSaqoby! he had already shared valuable pro tips on his social media platforms, in which he emphasized the benefits of gradually incorporating and building up positive dental habits, adding something simple such as just flossing once a day, can create a huge impact on your dental in the long run said the talented doctor.

A Summary of his advice are as the following:


It is no coincidence that the food and or drinks that is poor for your oral health is likely to be also harmful for your general health. According to Dr. Ali AlSaqoby, foods and drinks that contains high amount of sugar and or acidic should be limited and ideally cut down completely.

When listing drinks that is high in sugar and acid, fizzy drinks tops the list. Even the sugar free options are not safe, as they still remain acidic! Ideally these drinks get replaced with water that hydrates and lower the acidity of the mouth, to reduce the risk of the enamel layer of the tooth dissolving, creating tooth sensitivity and or cavities forming.

Food/snacks that is high in sugar should be limited to meal times, to reduce the strain on teeth coming from the frequency of acid produced as the result of sugar containing food. Gradually decreasing the intake of these harmful sugary and acidic contain foods and drinks will contribute an important role to preventing dental diseases

Oral hygiene routine

Brushing twice a day gently with soft tooth brush (as soon as you wake up and just before you sleep is of great importance) According to Dr. Ali AlSaqoby brushing for two minutes in each of the two sessions is not sufficient to clean the teeth completely as %40 of the tooth surfaces can only be reached by the floss, and thus the use of the floss once daily is recommended to fully clean your pearly whites.

Quit smoking

According to Dr. Ali AlSaqoby, not only smoking is a door that opens to many health chronic diseases such as heart and lung diseases, it is a door that opens to many dental health issues such as gum diseases , jaw bone loss , discolored/ stained teeth and increasing risk of developing oral cancer. “Nowadays, many dedicated centers are here to help you quit, so be sure to seek help” said the Kuwait dentist.

Regular check ups

Visiting a well-trained dental practioner twice a year is fundamental to early detection of any possible dental diseases such as cavity to prevent any excessive treatment. “Patient will be well aware of their oral health status in their checkup visit as, not every dental disease is visible by the eyes and require X-rays” says Dr. Ali AlSaqoby.

This brings us to the end! Do not forget to write a thank you note to your dentist! As we are thanking Dr. Ali AlSaqoby for his efforts not only in providing outstanding treatment but also mentoring the new generation of dentists as a talented dentist himself. He is an ideal and all-around dentist! Below is more information that we managed to gather about this celebrated dentist.

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

Although young, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is one of the most successful and most popular dentists in the world. His journey started after qualifying for a prestigious scholarship from the government to study dentistry in Leeds, thanks to his outstanding academic performance. Despite being busy juggling with multiple hobbies and interests that he took lead in such as soccer freestyle, he managed to gain the second most talented dental student award and a masters of dental surgery degree with excellence. Today he is one of the most influential and sought dentists as per his expertise, influence and hunger to continuously evolve his craft. In a short time, he managed to be one of the most followed dentists with a loyal fan base. Taking advantage of his acceptance from the masses, Dr. Ali managed to change many people’s lives, one of the main aspects is helping break the fear barrier to receive dental treatment. Apart from dentistry, he is the Kuwait football freestyle president that accomplished much already in!

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