In India, Apple will launch its iPhone 15 series along with its global debut

Apple is reportedly set to launch the iPhone 15 from its Chennai unit in India, aiming for a close-to-global launch in mid-September, decreasing the time lag in contrast to preceding models. As per quite a few media reports, manufacturing started in China in June, with elements arriving in Indian services simultaneously.

The California based totally large is gearing up for a sizeable improvement with the iPhone 15, and the noteworthy exchange this time round is the timing of its ‘made-in-India’ iPhone 15.

Apple is striving to acquire a new milestone in India by means of introducing its cutting-edge model. The science enterprise is stated to be actively working on unveiling the iPhone 15, which will be manufactured at Foxconn’s Chennai facility, round mid-September.

This pass objectives to limit the time hole between the Indian launch and the world release, maybe even ensuing in a simultaneous debut in India, as indicated with the aid of sources acquainted with the situation.

Last year, Apple’s Foxconn facility in Chennai commenced manufacturing of the iPhone 14 simply ten days after its global launch, with Indian-made iPhones attaining the market about a month later.

The record from book additionally highlights that this year, the time gap, if any, is predicted to be decreased to simply a few days, as all the crucial preparations for mass manufacturing of the iPhone 15 are already in progress. Reportedly, trial manufacturing of the iPhone 15 commenced in China in June at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory, and aspects commenced arriving at Foxconn’s Indian amenities round the equal timeframe.

Moreover, Apple is aiming to kick off exports of the India-made iPhone 15 collection units in December 2023. Initially, these units are meant to meet the demand in the neighborhood Indian market, which is expected to upward jab substantially in the course of the festive season. Following December, there are reviews suggesting that the corporation might also begin iPhone 15 exports, such as to areas like Europe and the US.