In conversation with Leading Beauty Blogger Melina Taj

In today’s world, the use of social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life. We often look up to social networking sites not just to interact with others but also to get a better understanding about the world around us. Bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers with large following base are acting as influencers and are playing a prominent role in the marketing strategy of many companies. As beauty is a major industry and many women want to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the use of various beauty products, the necessity for beauty influencers is on the rise. A popularly favoured name in this field is Melina Taj, who is a well known beauty influencer and an excellent makeup expert.

The fan following speaks all about quality of content and usefulness of the content being provided by the blogger. With a massive following of 1.4 million followers on Instagram, this Iranian beauty creates stunning and vibrant makeup looks on Instagram and Youtube. Apart from her skills in creating diversified makeup looks, she also possesses extensive and in-depth knowledge of the products being used by her.

Dubai-based Melina Taj believes in having a close association with her followers. Her homemade masks and detailed makeup tutorials is a major reason of her popularity. Her close association is also visible in the large number of comments which are received on her Instagram posts. The high level of engagement of the followers is evidence that she is quite popular among the followers.

Melina Taj is known for her bold and creative use of colours without missing the minimalistic approach i.e. using minimum products and accessories. Her ability to provide an expert advice towards the use of home based ingredients for beauty enhancement and also in the latest cosmetics distinguishes her from other bloggers. Her fun way of teaching through her YouTube channel “Melina Taj” is quite popular among her followers.

Through her hardwork, perseverance and dedication, she has gained numerous accolades.  Being the most influential Iranian beauty influencer and expert, she became a part of the First Iranian Beauty Conference and shared her knowledge on beauty marketing with the audience. Melina Taj is also responsible for conducting an intensive Beauty Masterclass in Istanbul, Turkey which was sponsored by prominent brands like Victoria Secret, Huda Beauty and many more.

Melina Taj is the proud recipient of the Master of Makeup Degree from the French Makeup Studio. She is also a part of the events being organised by various establishedbrands such as Swarovski, Nars and Bobbi Brown.

Melina Taj was always fascinated with makeup and always wanting to educate other people therefore she chose to be a beauty influencer and expert. Being a beauty influencer is not just a lucrative career choice for Melina Taj, it is her passion.