In an age of fake experts, Mathieu Tyler Jang lets his results speak for him.

The serial entrepreneur has generated over $100-million in online sales for his clients while helping hundreds of others start profitable internet-based businesses. 

“If you want to create true leverage and financial freedom in your life, then I truly believe the only path is entrepreneurship,” says the 29-year-old from Vancouver, Canada.

Jang advises students of his past coaching programs who seek a life of abundance to start by learning how to sell other people’s products. This eliminates the risk, he says, that so many new entrepreneurs take on when launching a product that may or may not be successful. 

“I’ve seen it happen so many times where people just launch a product because they think it’s cool without knowing if there is a market for it,” Jang says. 

Affiliate marketing is how Jang got started in entrepreneurship. This is an industry where you partner with companies and market their products for them, earning a commission for each sale you bring in. Affiliate marketing is a $12-billion global industry, with over 80% of brands worldwide utilizing some form of affiliate program. 

“Then once you’ve gotten a handle on sales and marketing, particularly digital sales and marketing, then you have a solid foundation to go and launch your own product, if that’s what you want,” Jang says. 

Jang got started in the industry nearly a decade ago, back when social media advertising was in its infancy. Now the internet has become saturated with ads as anyone can claim to be an expert. Because of this, Jang says it’s important to find someone authentic who has the results you want to mentor you. 

“That’s really the fastest way to accelerate your growth. The traditional education system hasn’t kept up with the rapid growth of technology and all ways it has disrupted business. You really need to find someone who carved their own path, then follow what they did.”