Important points to start singing or singing in the language of Reza Sajedi, an Iranian musician and singer

 To become a singer and start singing, a good voice is not the only criterion, you should learn more techniques about singing. Of course, a good larynx and a good voice are among the main things to become a singer, but it is also necessary to know the techniques and techniques of music. Everyone in any field must expand their knowledge in order to provide the ground for their success. Skills and methods of practicing singing and singing • A lot of practice, continuous and correct • Listening art • Preparing and warming up the sound • Try to sing with your own voice • Patience in practicing • Listening to old songs • Self-confidence Singing Basic steps and simple but effective tips to start practicing singing at home In order to be a good and attentive singer, you must first pay attention to your family, so let them hear your voice and ask them to point out your problems. Tell you. You should also do the following exercises: Relax your vocal cord chords before you start reading. Do not force yourself to sing loudly. Drink lots of lukewarm drinks. Deep breathing exercise. Modify and experiment with singing Enjoy your singing (bag it with you) Insist and persevere Pay attention to everything: Every singer should know about different styles of music and singing. Have a personal order: Being organized and having a personal plan is very important in the ultimate success of any reader. Do voice exercises: This is an important aspect that is essential to becoming a successful singer. Look for a Carbald sound instructor near you and sign up for voice lessons and practice exercises right away. Sound training is the easiest way to develop our reading skills.

Short biography of Reza Sajedi

Reza Sajedi ( رضا ساجدی )  is a famous Iranian singer and pop musician. Reza has released many official music that can be found in a short search in global markets.

Reza was born on September 30, 1995. His full name is Reza Sajedi Abkenar. He entered the field of music at the age of 13 and studied pop with the country’s top professors.