How to utilize custom application icons on macOS Big Sur and where to discover new options

With the arrival of macOS Big Sur, Apple upgraded the entirety of its stock Mac application icons with new colors and new square shape. Thusly, some outsider applications have additionally overhauled their icons to coordinate the new Big Sur stylish. A portion of these icon changes have demonstrated to be dubious, however macOS Big Sur really makes it simple to utilize custom application icons. Here’s the means by which it works.

Where to discover custom Mac application icons

A new macOS Icon Pack site has arisen on the web with almost 3,000 unique symbols from which to pick. There are symbols for a wide assortment of outsider applications, for example, Adobe applications, Microsoft applications, Spotify, Twitter, and substantially more.

The macOS Icon Pack site likewise incorporates icons for Apple applications, for example, GarageBand, Pages, and Numbers. Apple permits you to change application icons for some however not the entirety of its applications. For instance, you can change the GarageBand icon, yet you can’t change the icons for things like Music, Safari, or Messages.

There are different hotspots for custom Mac application icons also, including the macOS Icon Gallery, Gumroad missions, and then some.

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How to utilize a custom Mac application icon

While things are somewhat trickier on iOS, it’s quite simple to change a Mac application symbol. In this model, we’ll be changing the Slack icon to one to that coordinates the Big Sur stylish and is more Dark Mode-accommodating.

  • Open the Finder
  • Explore to your Applications folder
  • Look for Slack
  • Choose Slack and hit CMD + I or right-click and pick “Get data”
  • Drag the icon you download (it should be in .icns design) to the little symbol in the “Get Info” window in the upper-left corner

#. On the other hand: Copy the new icon, click into the small icon preview, at that point paste it

One significant thing to note is that you’ll have to completely close the application and resume it for the icon change to produce results. Also, to return to the stock icon, basically rehash the above advances, yet hit click into the small icon preview and hit delete.