How to make a profit from tourism? According to Ali Maleki, known as Ali Columbus, a famous Iranian tourist

Generally, the tourism industry creates jobs in tow ways directly and indirectly . direct jobs include renting accommodation to tourists .Indirect: jobs include improvement in sectors that benefit from  frequent travel such as the plane manufacturing industry, as it  will be in high demand . An interesting point is that the tourists can benefit as well. This means that travelers can make money through tourism.


What is more fantastic than making money by sharing your trip with others? After being known as a blogger you can have a sponsor and travel for free. Of course, not all bloggers can have this opportunity.

Teaching English and native languages

If you are well-versed in English so congratulations! One of the most important tools for making money through tourism is already in your head. Many organizations all over the world look for English teachers. It seems to be strange a bit at the first glance, but some people may get interested in your native language and ask you to teach them. So, you can consider this item for making profits.

Teaching your abilities

That’s right! People don’t learn only languages. You can make money during the trip by teaching people your skills. For instance, astronomy, making your local handicrafts, or cooking! You should be smart to see how people in other countries are interested in learning your abilities that you may think are insignificant. Hostels have a more friendly atmosphere compared to other accommodations and embrace new ideas. You can sell your local handicrafts, hold yoga exercises, cook local meals, and many other ideas to make money out of tourism.

Writing a travelogue, on the other hand, can be a beneficial way after your trips.