How to Have More followers on Instagram

All right, now you have a picture that just can’t beat, so how can you get people to see it?

Start by telling your family and friends about your new Instagram account. Don’t feel like telling you are bothering them. The worst case scenario, they don’t pursue you and you’re left with the same number of people who you didn’t inquire about (your friends, the worst case scenario, are cynical showerbags who say things in all your photographs).

All right, unless you’re ridiculously popular, you only need about 200-300 people to follow, but it’s a firm foundation. You wouldn’t think that these 300 true followers are important to potential followers. Someone who already has a decent number of followers is more likely to follow, because if so many people follow them, they must post worthwhile content, right? If you begin the next few steps at 0 followers, your conquest to become an Insta famous Z-List has already failed.

Good, you have a few hundred fans. How are you bringing it to the next level? I hate to say this to you, but nothing is simple. Get your fingers extended and ready to connect with Instagram for hours and hours. This means that you like and comment on hundreds of images a day and potentially follow a few others. It sounds like wearing a shotgun as a sniper gun, but you will not be clever if you are clever about that.

Continue to select pictures from smaller personal accounts instead of large pages if you want photos. Such users will most certainly review their updates and see * catchy username with nice profile picture * when they do. Will it work with all of us? Nope, but if you get a success rate of 5%, that’s 25 people a day if you like 500 pictures. 5 percent can easily be 25 percent with a catchy username and logo. If you do this wisely, the chances of having more and more followers are through. Take a look at the hashtags and choose those that relate to your theme and then enjoy it. We all played Flappy Bird, or Doodlejump before, but when you tap on your phone screen, you get something out of it. You don’t even have to look at the pictures you want. Scroll, tap twice, repeat.

Commenting on photos is a little more challenging. I would say before, don’t bother to do this at all. Mass-commentation is much longer than mass-like, and return differences were difficult to quantify. But now the trend has shifted with Instagram’s latest algorithm. I wouldn’t bother to comment on anything shared on broad pages as it would only be lost as soon as anyone else would comment seconds later.

Today, Instagram tends to have feedback , comments with a lot of likes, or even views from major accounts. If you just start, commenting on photos from big travel pages can bring your page to your attention. Once, there should be a catchy nickname, otherwise I’d say don’t bother. If I scroll my time and see the comments of “JohnSmith” on the picture of NatGeoTravel, I will not say the time of day regardless of the comment. Seeing a comment from Massgressor ThePartyingTraveler, on the other hand, would capture my attention more likely.

Smaller accounts or personal accounts are another option. Mass commenting is still a no from me, but it can help you to pick and choose wisely. It also doesn’t hurt making friends along the way, and I’m always talking to many people I began talking to on Instagram. When they were much younger, I recall talking to people like VictorGin, TheBroAbroad, TheAwkwardTraveler and I saw how they really communicated with their followers and their tales. If you enjoy it and show genuine interest, many pictures are worth commenting on.

Even as a large account, I still get a few commentaries that I can read and answer all of them and believe me that I take care of and follow the reliable commentators. Be diligent, but not mischievous. Commenting “wow” or “big” on hundreds of images is more time consuming and less successful than giving a simple anecdote and story about a posted image. For example, commenting on “wow” my image of Peru might make me like your comment, but saying “this looks unbelievable!” I wish I went abroad there during my school, “would allow me to see your profile and at least look at your videos.

Last but not least, rapid follow-up. This certainly is not for everyone, but results are faster than pleasure and comment. 7500 people don’t look good, but if it takes you to get your first 3000 followers, then do it. The same rules apply if you like pictures of people. Mostly follow smaller accounts as they will check their notifications.

Believe it or not, so multiple social media followers opens up that doors beyond a mere ego boost. I have been specializing in social media growth and monetization since I was 17, and have seen and helped dozens of people through social media become millionaires. The only reason I can travel around the world while I work is because of social media, so that I can demonstrate its increasing presence and importance globally. It is here to remain for as long as goods for companies are sold (which will be for the rest of eternity), you can use your broad social network as your profession. It took me more than a year to get my first 5,000 social media followers and now I have over three million on all platforms. It’s rough at first. Once these milestones are reached, growth begins to develop a little more naturally.

Finally, the actual posts.

Instagram’s entire purpose is to share photos and stories with pictures. You can forget everything I said before and still get really famous with amazing pictures on Instagram. Likewise, if you follow every move, without high-quality posts you won’t get anywhere.

I’m not an expert in photography, so I can’t explain precisely what to do with and how to enhance your pictures. Instagram filters can improve a picture, but do not edit overboard. It can make pictures look fake or even incredibly hideous. You don’t have to learn photography to take good photos but studying good photographers doesn’t have to hurt to see how they capture them.

Captions aren’t as important as I thought they were before, as almost nobody seems to be reading my own. Come on guys, sometimes I try them too hard. This doesn’t mean that titles are not unimportant, but they don’t require that I meticulously implement them perfectly and flawlessly. Good subtitles will typically be short and sweet, but you will have to mix it a little as a travel blogger. An Eiffel Tower picture? Anything like “Eiffel in love with Paris! “It’d work well. A dim cemetery in Cambodia? May a definition goes into more detail about what it is, what it entails, how long it lasts, etc. Nobody needs to know what the Eiffel Tower is and the use of a pun for a less well-known structure will likely fly over the heads of the people.

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