How to freestyle in rap, description of famous Iranian rapper Amir Naseri

What is meant by freestyle rap?

Freestyle rap is actually improvisation in which sentences and poems without a specific structure or purpose are recited by rappers. Freestyle rap is divided into two parts.

In the first part, a competition is held in which one bit (multiplication) is considered as the base bit for all rappers and those who participate must improvise a sentence, text or poem. This contest is actually to introduce the rappers’ style to each other. In the second part, the rappers synchronize and play together on a specific bit.

Now let’s get acquainted with some rap terms:


A rapper is someone who sings rap.

Free Style

Free style, as mentioned above, means someone who reads a text or an improvised poem live.

Beat Boxer

Some people can create a special rhythm with their larynx called the beat box rhythm.

Dis (Diss)

When a special song is made against someone and a character, it is called dis. Diss is derived from hip-hop, who speaks frankly, and people easily dissipate each other for whatever reason.

Diss Back

The answer to dis is called disback.


In rap and hip-hop, two or more people in a group who are in conflict with each other are called beef. For example, they say: “Some rapper has a beef rapper with him.”