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How to Build Positive Relationships

A relationship is a connection between two or more people. As social beings, we develop different relationships throughout the course of our lives, with our family members, friends, colleagues at work, and romantic partners. Because we have a natural desire to build relationships with other people, we need to hone our relationship building skills.

Positive relationships add meaning to our lives, give us a sense of wellbeing, and improve our social support system. One thing for sure in life is that it has its ups and downs. Everyone should have friends and family to support them when they are down and celebrate with them when they are up.

Positive relationships also help in improving brain function. Loneliness is toxic to the brain! Positive relationships bring about healthy emotions, while unhealthy relationships lead to negativity and toxicity. Forging negative relationships tremendously improves one’s productivity. For example, in the workplace, the most productive and effective people are usually those that get along with everyone!

Positive relationships are also sources of happiness for us. They make life more enjoyable. If you have a good relationship with your friends, you will enjoy spending quality time with them. If you are friends with your co-workers, it makes your work environment relaxing and stress-free and ultimately makes you love your job.

Confucius once famously said that “What you do not want to be done to yourself, do not do to others.” Make this your watchword in your bid to forging positive relationships with people. Be kind and empathetic to them. In your interactions with other people, avoid words or actions that you would not want to receive.

You should remember that every individual is unique. We all have different ideologies, past experiences, and respond to things differently. So, if a person has a dissenting opinion to yours, take time to consider what they have to say. Accepting and celebrating that we are all unique is important in building positive relationships.

You should also learn to develop trust with people. Trust is the bedrock of good relationships. Be true to your words. By so doing, people will believe what you say. Treat people fairly, admit when you are wrong and be consistent in your dealings with people. This will make you earn their trust. You should also learn to trust more. Remember that “He who does not trust will not be trusted.”

It is also pertinent that you sharpen your communication skills. Communication is not limited to speaking well. It is only effective when the people listening to you understand the message you are trying to pass across. Poor communication skills lead to misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and mistrust. Effective communication is essential to building positive relationships.

You should also develop effective listening skills. Good listeners solve problems and build positive relationships. Always face the speaker and ensure you make eye contact with him/her, do not interrupt people when they are speaking, and always give appropriate feedbacks after listening to people. These skills go a long way in building positive relationships.

To build meaningful relationships with people, you should also be friendly, generous, and considerate. Learn to be more empathetic. Put yourself in other people’s shoes. Try to make them feel better. Focus on their better qualities and compliment them generously. If you want to correct their mistakes or advise them, do so respectfully and in a gentle tone, avoid sounding authoritative.

Building and sustaining positive relationships is an important part of our existence.  without these relationships, our lives would have no meaning. Cultivate the habit of strengthening your network by building good relationships. This is necessary because your network determines your net worth.

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