How to become a successful enterpreneur- with Albert Sheeler

Albert Sheeler is the CEO of SINSA Cosmetics SAS, an upcoming skincare brand in the Latin American market. Mr. Sheeler is also the Chairman of Strategic Equities, an investment fund focused on financing and advising small and Mid business companies.

So we asked Mr. Sheeler to tell us some tips to become a successful entrepreneur.

If you’re thinking about becoming a successful entrepreneur, you’re most likely wondering what it really takes to grow a business. The truth is that there is no universal answer to this question, there is no magic formula.

But there are some principles that absolutely must be followed if you want to be a truly successful entrepreneur.

How do you define a successful entrepreneur?

A successful entrepreneur must have as broad a vision as possible. Sure, he can’t work on everything and has to delegate a lot of tasks, but he has to know exactly how his company works. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to be able to structure a proper marketing and sales strategy as well. You need to implement a customer acquisition system that ensures recurring cash flow at all times. You need to know how your products work, how customer service is handled, what problems are detected with your product or service, and so much more. This is just the beginning, but as I mentioned a business owner can’t do it all by himself.

He has to be able to choose the right employees who can turn his vision into reality.

The importance of business communication to become an entrepreneur

To become an entrepreneur it is not enough to have an idea to create a company; you must also know how to communicate it.

Always keep in mind the target audience you want to address, and use a language that is easy for them to understand. Take care of the different means of communication at your disposal.

In the era of the Web is essential a website or a blog, which should not be a cold business card abandoned on the network, but must be constantly updated and enriched. Remember that you are not a salesman, and therefore your goal will not be the sale, but the loyalty, or win the trust of your customer. And, as in a family or friendship relationship, you should never let them down.

How to become an entrepreneur: unity is strength. How many times as a child, both at school and in sports, have they tried to instill in you the importance of teamwork? The marketplace is probably the biggest league in the world, in which almost any company can participate. If you want to reach the top of the league, you too will need a winning team.

Being an entrepreneur also means being aware of your limitations, and as your firm grows you will realize that you cannot manage everything on your own.

If you want to maintain a certain level of efficiency, you will need to surround yourself with competent employees. In addition to their skills, they will need to share the same vision as you, and become a formidable Team.

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