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How Sanjit Lucksman leads the way to inner peace

Sanjit Lucksman is more of a magician than a musician. We’ve all heard that a good musician knows how to touch your inner soul and how to mold it into a better one. And Sanjit has proved it again and again that he is an extra-ordinary musician and a complete one as well.

The reason why he was able to touch so many souls is his versatility, he could have stayed committed to one genre but he didn’t limit his attributes to one field. If you see his song you’ll see that every song has different theme and from mash-ups for classical numbers, he’s done it all. And he is equally skilled in everything he does.

His best creature Kaatrey is about the shades of love and about the whole journey of love and how it makes your life beautiful. And then Meera is about a girl who has stored her love deep inside her heart but haven’t forgotten it with a hope that it might, on a sunny day, at a beach far away or in a bar in somewhere in Europe she’s meet him again and in different circumstances.

He started learning music at the age of five but he also adopted innovation on his way to where he is now. He’s phenomenal in different aspects and that what makes his unique.

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