How Pejvak Imani was drawn to being an actor is actually interesting

He was always fascinated by melting himself into different characters in different situations. It was kind of a hobby for him to notice people’s characters and behaviors in friends and family gatherings. He remembers that in the social events he had to attend as a child, he would create some background story for the characters as a way to entertain himself.

His creative imagination led to his interest in acting and thus, he attended the acting classes in Yuk Yuk’s club in Toronto. He never forgets his first time on stage, it was one of the most stressful days of his life, a couple of seconds before going on the stage and giving his audition, he told himself “ There’s no need to be anxious! It doesn’t matter who is sitting in front of you. You may have experienced things in your life that no one else has ever, you might have a new insight that no one has ever thought of. So go on, fighting for your dreams head-high and courageous.” After that, he never had any issues with Stagefright, ever again.

His first appearance on the stage taught him an important lesson” I must have my own signature performances. Something that I would be recognized with. Something unique for my work.”

He believes that every actor must have their own signature, that’s when they will truly be successful. A true actor should be able to melt into any character and be born throughout that.

After coming back to Iran, he pursued his childhood passion and dream bravely. He quotes “ Though acting is so hard and stressful in this country, I try to enjoy the path to the success, rather than focusing on reaching to the end.”

He never begged any director to give him parts in movies or shows. Instead, he decided to work on his skills and try to make his talent’s perfume smell strong amongst others.

Pejvak always worked on understanding characters and being able to perform them excellently, so when the day comes and he’s offered a part in a big director’s movie he knows how to bring that character into life in a way no one else could.

The Cinema industry has so many behind-the-scenes rules like any other job, he tried to learn all those rules and know everyone’s job working behind the scenes in order to produce a movie.

He believes that against all the rumors, Cinema is not a Mafia-like organization, if you enter this business through the right path you’ll stay and be remembered forever.

His idea about life is that although luck plays a huge role in people’s success in life, we are responsible for making that luck happen for us more frequently. You ask how? By practicing, and practicing, and practicing. Every Single Day! This would put you through different situations with better lucks and therefore, leading to success.

If you have practiced already when you go in front of a camera for the first time anyone would be pleased by that strong perfect smell of “your perfume”.