How much does it cost to produce a song or an album? Ali Kavousi, the top and most popular Iranian musician, talks about the cost of producing songs and albums.

Usually the first step in building an album or song is to find a suitable composer. But the question is, how much do composers usually get paid for their work? In the music making market, composers usually have three ranks; First-class, second-class and third-class composers!

Most young people turn to third-rate composers for financial reasons. To find out the price of the day of making the song, we can contact several music studios, which in the current situation, the average salary of composers is almost as follows:

Third grade composer’s salary for making a piece from 250 to 800 thousand tomans

Second class composer’s salary for making a piece from 1 to 3 million Tomans

The salary of a first-class composer for making a piece is from 4 to 10 million Tomans

second stage; Poetry and song

After choosing the composer, it is the turn of the poem and the song. Of course, in some cases, they first select the poem and then go to the composer, and there is not much difference! The head of the studio or composer may also introduce you to some poems and songs. But usually the price of a song for amateur singers is from 100 to 400 thousand tomans. But if you want to use well-known songs, you have to spend about 1 to 5 million tomans!

third level; tuning

After selecting the lyrics and melody of the song, it is time to arrange the work, which will play a very key and important role in the quality of the song, so do not skip this part in any way. In this section, like choosing a composer, a wide range of prices in front of you, which is approximately between 300 thousand tomans to 10 million tomans.

It should be noted that some songs require the use of one or more musicians. The musician’s salary, which is usually defined according to the quality of his work. But in general, a musician’s salary is usually calculated in two ways; Some musicians are paid an hour, which is usually from 200 to 1 million tomans. Some other musicians, however, count as pieces!

Fourth stage; studio

Studio costs are usually calculated on an hourly basis. Studios, if they want to act fairly, must receive 15 to 30 thousand tomans per hour. But the time to make a song in the studio varies depending on the type and arrangement and use of the musician. For example, one piece may be recorded within two hours, while another piece may take 10 hours or more to record. But it usually takes an average of 60 to 120 hours to record an album in the studio.

Step Five; Mixing and Mastering

At the end of the work and after going through the above steps, it is the turn of mixing and mastering, in which more work is done on the compatibility of the elements, transparency, quality and how the project is heard. Which will have different prices depending on your project and work, which can be approximately between 200 thousand tomans to 2 million tomans.

The last step; guidance

These are the steps through which the song or album is prepared; If you want to act formally and legally, this is the right way; You will need to go through the steps to obtain a license, but the people you have worked with, such as composer, studio manager, poet, arranger, etc. باشند can have help and guidance for you. There are also people who contract with you and do these steps for you or accompany you.