How Mohsin Hani Al Bahrani plans to drive ACERE’ level upwards.

How Mohsin Hani Al Bahrani plans to drive ACERE’ level upwards.

After being appointed as the CEO, he wants to introduce strategies which would take the company one step ahead.

In 2020, Mohsin Hani Al Bahrani had been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC’s newly aligned automotive division which was integrated with distinct functions and named ACERE (Automotive, Construction Equipment and Renewable Energy). Bahrani is a business management graduate from Brunel University, London, and was the Director of MHD’s Automotive and Commercial Vehicles Division, before being appointed as the CEO of MHD ACERE. Being in the automotive industry for a long time and having worked at various levels, he has been able to bring in operational efficiencies successfully. He had a big hand in getting McLaren Automotive into the Sultanate of Oman. He has many more achievements to his credit which has taken the automotive sector in Oman to a different level.

Today, we discuss with him in brief what strategies is he planning to take ‘ACERE’ to the next level.

What are your plans to take the company one step ahead?

In order to become the most preferred automobile destination of customers, you have to design a robust automotive marketing strategy that will lead the prospective customers through a successful car buying experience. There are various modern channels to promote your brand that have been introduced with the advent of internet, which can make you stand out in this saturated auto market. I plan to utilize these strategies to reach out to a wider base of customers, new as well as old.

How do you plan to go ahead and what strategies would you imply to make maximum impact?

First, understanding the target audience is very important before charting out any marketing plan. Knowing where your moves would give the best results helps you be on the right track, and that’s what I plan to do. Potential car buyers in present times are taking on the internet before making purchasing decisions, and the trend is on the rise. This makes it very clear that a digital automotive marketing strategy is the need of the hour, and I’m going to capitalize on this to take the company’s reach to greater heights.

Will you please elaborate on the company’s future in the next couple of years?

As I mentioned earlier, I have chalked out a plan for consistent improvement and my goal is to challenge people associated with us to outperform, keeping the company’s basic value system in place. I’m confident of achieving excellence in all our business processes and attaining improved operating matrix in coming years.

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