How He Changed His Life With Music Pierdavid PalumboTells About His Experiences

How He Changed His Life With Music Pierdavid PalumboTells About His Experiences

Pierdavid Palumbo pseudonym of Pierdavid Joseph Palumbo is a multifaceted artist, born in Trani, Puglia in Italy on 15 November 1991, from French mom and Italian dad, and raised by his grandmother and aunt in France, Pierdavid moved later in Italy at the age of five years old, capable of singing any musical genre and with his great vocal talent and his warm tone he has been named the voice of electro swing, with his gift and charm he has touched the hearts of many teenegers and managed to evolve a genre that stood still in time with Frank Sinatra, but like a time machine he could be his successor, as a revolutionary Pierdavid has the idea of singing an electro swing genre, the son of swing, and confirms himself as the first electro crooner in the world, capable of evolving an adult genre making it fresh and innovative, and has amassed almost 60,000 followers in a short time

But how did you get this winning idea?

<< I was inspired, actually I have always loved experimental music and being the most original, it was an inner musical evolution, in my life in everything I do, I have always loved to stand out, I wanted to bring that beautiful music back to swing but in a young way, seeing the song my way danced by many guys all over the world was my greatest satisfaction. >>

How has your life changed ?

<< It all happened suddenly,all very fast, my music has spread virally all over the world, guys have fun dancing to my song in social media from Europe, in America to even in Japan, really something extraordinary! I can say it started and changed from here. >>

what was your most important music experience of your life?

<< difficult to say, all the experiences, I loved the tour in Cuba, Havana with my father, that’s life a truly magical song, in France with the great orchestra we toured many places and I also had an award for best arrangement of a French Song, I told the orchestra what it had to do, I already had the jazz arrangement in mind in my head and we won! as I also loved Budapest with the song (they long to be) close to you great song! and many others. >>

what’s your favorite song?

<< I don’t have a favorite song, I just listen to the melody if I already like the first verse most likely it can become one of my favorites.>>

Do you play an instrument?

<< Sure! I play tenor ukulele, I love hers tropical sound, when I play it, it takes me to the seashore. >>

How important do you think social media is to you?

<< The social media is the key! without it, I probably wouldn’t be here! you can’t make music today if you don’t have this, it would remain closed in your house, and probably only your neighbor would listen to it! if you have a big project, whether you are a musician or an entrepreneur you have to work hard and make it fly! believe it and never give up.>>
and it is precisely way that Pierdavid, a successful man with a lot of willpower, realized his dream, an example for everyone

what will this multi-faceted artist have in store for us? we just have to find out!
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